Robot-assisted surgery represents the next stage of evolution for modern gynaecology.

Welcome to the web pages of the Gynaecology Department at the Center for Robotic Medicine Germany. Find out how state-of-the-art robot-assisted surgery is able to help a great many women with gynaecological conditions.

Dear patient,

the majority of complex gynaecological operations involve surgeons having to make a large abdominal incision. This is often associated with severe pain and problematic complications. For some conditions, doctors are able to utilise minimally-invasive techniques (keyhole surgery). These techniques have now been in use for three decades, but their use is nonetheless still largely restricted to the standard spectrum of gynaecological procedures.

Here at the Center for Robotic Medicine (CRMG) at St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau, we helped pioneer robot-assisted surgery in Germany. With the help of the state-of-the-art da Vinci® surgical robot, we are able to offer our patients a technique which combines the benefits of minimally invasive and of standard, open surgery. These information pages are aimed both at introducing the centre and at explaining the special features of robot-assisted surgery and its advantages for patients.

If you require further information, we will be happy to talk to you in person – please get in touch.

Senait Berhane, Leitung des CRMG Gynäkologie
Senait Berhane

Head of the Center for Robotic Medicine Germany (Gynaecology)