With well over 7,000 operations, CRMG at St. Antonius-Hospital in Gronau is among the leading centres of expertise for robot-assisted surgery in Europe.

Gronau CRMG Gynaecology team presents its results at the SERGS Congress

SERGS (Society of European Robotic Gynäcological Surgery), der Dachverband der Robotischen Chirurgie in der Gynäkologie, veranstaltete vom 22-24. Mai 2014 seinen Internationalen Kongress in Essen.
International congress in Essen, May 22–24, 2014

International congress in Essen, May 22–24, 2014
The international congress of the Society of European Robotic Gynaecological Surgery (SERGS) was held in Essen from May 22–24, 2014.

The three-day congress was attended by globally recognised and world-renowned surgeons, who discussed the latest studies and current developments in robotic surgery.

The Gynaecology Department at St. Antonius-Hospital in Gronau, one of Germany’s leading centres for robot-assisted gynaecological surgery, gave a highly regarded presentation on its data on the development of robot-assisted surgery in a non-university hospital.

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