Our advanced, innovative medical technology reduces complication risks and minimises the length of your hospital stay.

Before and after the operation

Before the operation

You will initially be contacted by our patient advisor, Ms. Noetzel. She will provide you with all the information you require and appropriate written information materials. She can also make an appointment for the special da Vinci® clinic. At the clinic, a gynaecological examination will be carried out and any questions will be answered. If required, other investigations may be discussed and performed.
You will then be given an appointment for the planned procedure.

A detailed medical history will be taken as part of the pre-admission process. A gynaecological examination including an ultrasound examination will be carried out. The operation and any possible complications will be explained in detail at a pre-operation consultation.

After the pre-admission investigations, you will meet the anaesthetist here at the hospital. The anaesthetist will determine which type of anaesthetic should be used and explain any possible side-effects.

You will come into hospital on the day of the operation. You will be welcomed to the ward and shown to your room, which will be a single bed or multiple bed room depending on what facilities you have requested. You will then be prepared for the procedure and taken to the operating theatre.

After the operation

After the operation, you will be monitored in the recovery room. Pain relief will be administered if required.

Once you return to the normal ward, you will be cared for by our medical and nursing team. A ward round is held daily at 9 am to monitor your post-operative recovery. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any requests your may have.

After the operation, you will usually be back on your feet fairly quickly, and will usually be able to get up and move around the ward on the day of the operation. If required, you will also be given appropriate pain relief, though this is not usually necessary.

An interim examination will be carried out on the day after the operation. Depending on the procedure, a discharge examination, at which you will undergo a physical examination and be provided with information on your continued recovery at home, may be carried out as early as the second day after the operation. You are particularly likely to be discharged early if you are being treated for a non-cancerous condition.

Most patients are able to be discharged from hospital on the third day after the operation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Our medical staff will be more than happy to provide you with the information you require.


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