Our highly advanced, innovative medical technology sets new standards in surgical precision and patient recovery.


Highly precise, minimising damage to neighbouring tissues

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The high resolution 3D display and instruments which offer excellent freedom of movement enable surgeons to benefit from direct hand-eye coordination. The system allows instruments to be controlled very intuitively and precisely, allowing even complex gynaecological procedures to be performed using minimally invasive techniques.

This allows extensive operations, such as hysterectomy and removal of neighbouring lymph nodes for cervical cancer, to be made much less arduous for the patient. Until recently this kind of operation was always extremely demanding for the patient. Complex procedures for which the da Vinci is particularly effective include major cancer operations and pelvic floor reconstruction.

Fewer complications, lower infection risk

As with most minimally invasive procedures, the robot-assisted da Vinci technique also benefits from lower infection risk to patients. Furthermore, scientific studies have shown that complications occur significantly less frequently with da Vinci operations than with other techniques.

Nerve-sparing procedures

The da Vinci technique enables the surgeon to maximise preservation of the bladder and vaginal nerves, preventing impairment of bladder function and sexuality. Despite this nerve-sparing procedure, it does, of course, go without saying that the cancer is completely removed.

Less blood loss, less pain

The very high level of precision and the fact that surgery does not require a large abdominal incision means that da Vinci procedures reduce blood loss to a minimum. In contrast to open surgery, transfusions are required only very exceptionally.

The small incisions required for da Vinci procedures also ensure a better cosmetic result, with much less scarring. Pain is also reduced and occurs less frequently with this type of intervention.

Faster recovery, shorter hospital stays

Faster recovery

Minimally invasive procedures with good surgical outcomes, low blood loss and few complications ensure a faster recovery.

Even for complex procedures, the hospital stay for most of our da Vinci patients is reduced to an absolute minimum, allowing them to return home sooner than with other surgical techniques.

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