Our team specialises in treating prostate conditions, in the process exceeding even Germany’s high medical standards.

The centre

Dr. Jörn Witt and his team have been performing robot-assisted surgery using the highly advanced da Vinci® system since 2006, indeed we were one of the first hospitals in Germany to start using the system. In 2010, we were accredited as a certified prostate centre (Prostate Center Northwest - PZNW). The centre now boasts three fully-equipped, latest generation da Vinci® systems and is able to draw on a wealth of experience from more than 7.000 operations performed using the da Vinci® system. This makes Gronau one of the biggest centres for robot-assisted surgery internationally.

Due to the major advantages the da Vinci® technique offers patients, the Gronau Urology Centre has now stopped using other surgical procedures involving more complications and greater risk (e.g. open abdominal incision) for prostatectomy. With increasing experience, the surgeons here in Gronau have been able to reduce complications such as thrombosis, arterial damage and bowel resection almost to zero. Our patients are rewarding us for it – since 2006, the number of patients treated at the Gronau Urology Centre has increased enormously. Alongside procedures using the da Vinci® system, we have continued to develop the many other diagnostic and treatment options for prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia offered here in Gronau.

Gronau’s urologists may indeed be recognised in Germany and internationally as extremely experienced experts in robot-assisted surgery, but Dr. Witt and his team are nonetheless determined to continue to improve and develop. It was in this context that the Center for Robotic Medicine Germany (CRMG) was established. Since 2013, it brings together expertise and experience in robot-assisted surgery from the various different departments at St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau. In addition, the European Robotic Institute, attached to CRMG, provides doctors in Gronau with a modern, well-equipped educational facility, which also offers the ability to carry out simulated operations on surgery simulators. The centre welcomes many visiting international experts annually. “Robot-assisted surgery has the potential to revolutionise modern medicine – here in Gronau we want to make a major contribution to that revolution,” declares Dr. Jörn Witt, chief physician and head of CRMG Urology.

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