Our many years of experience from more than 7.000 operations using three of the latest generation of robotic systems, enables us to realise optimum treatment outcomes.

Why come to Gronau? Five good reasons

People are at the heart of everything we do

Entrance of St. Antonius Hospital

CRMG is part of St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau, a 240-bed hospital located in tranquil Münsterland. The hospital is a recognised teaching hospital for the University of Münster and is run by Gronau’s two Catholic churches. In keeping with our mission statement, “People are at the heart of everything we do,” our work reflects Christian values, flat hierarchies and short communication pathways.

Expertise and safety

A surgeon at work

Our team specialises in complex gynaecological and urological procedures, in the process exceeding even Germany’s high medical standards. CRMG offers a broad range of different surgical techniques. The Urology Department (one of the departments involved in CRMG) is DEKRA-certified and is recognised as an organ cancer centre by the German Cancer Society. The Gynaecology Department has also been recognised by the Robotics Working Group (ARC).

At the cutting edge of technology

Picture of a da Vinci-Robot

At CRMG, we employ the very latest therapeutic and diagnostic techniques. We have three of the latest generation of da Vinci® systems. We regularly work on scientific studies and publications. Our team of experts actively participates in international congresses and meetings. We are pioneers in our field both in the use of the da Vinci® robot and in many other diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Continuous development

The professionel clinical study centre of CRM

CRMG operates a professional study centre where we systematically document and analyse oncological and functional treatment outcomes from da Vinci treatments. In addition to participation in national and international studies, the study centre also plays an active role in a wide range of research projects. The primary goal of the study centre is to support our team in continuously improving our treatment outcomes.

da Vinci precision tools

Experience gained from more than 7.000 da Vinci® operations

Practice makes perfect – an aphorism that applies equally in the medical field. The gynaecologists and urologists making up the medical and nursing team at CRMG can call on a wealth of experience from well over 7.000 surgical procedures carried out using the da Vinci® system. Our wealth of experience in this area is unique both nationally and internationally. Scientific studies show that the surgical experience possessed by surgeons and their teams directly affects the quality of surgery and surgical outcomes.

Patient concierge

Doris Noetzel

Do you have any questions or do you require further information? Contact our patient concierge.

Doris Noetzel
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