We offer a comprehensive service package, plus accommodation in modern, well-equipped rooms to ensure you enjoy optimum conditions for your medical care and to help you enjoy a speedy recovery.

Facilities & services

Food and drink

Our guests enjoy full board
Our guests enjoy full board

Our guests enjoy full board

From the minute you arrive, we take care of your culinary needs. You can choose your preferred meal from a range of daily menus and compose your breakfast and evening meal as you desire. Your food will be served in your room. Please be aware that, for organisational reasons, you will not be able to select your meal from a range of menus on the day of your arrival.

Mineral water is available on the ward for a small charge. To facilitate the payment process, please obtain a mineral water card from reception at the start of your stay. The card is used to record your water consumption, which can then be paid for at reception when you are discharged.

You are also welcome to bring in your preferred drink from home. Please do not bring in any alcoholic drinks. Thank you!

Visiting hours

Accommodation in modern, well-equipped rooms
Accommodation in modern, well-equipped rooms

Your relatives, friends and workmates are more than welcome to visit. They help make your stay more pleasant and aid your recovery. We therefore operate a system of flexible visiting hours, including on the intensive care unit.

We nonetheless ask you to keep visits short and to ensure that you and your fellow patients enjoy rest periods and a good lunch break. It is better to receive several short visits per day. Please also bear in mind that the presence of lots of visitors can be quite stressful. We would therefore ask you to limit visitors to two at a time.

Ward rounds

Your medical team will visit you each day to find out how you are doing. This is more than just a friendly visit, serving to provide the doctors with a clear picture of your recovery. Your doctors will want to know how you are feeling each day. You should tell them as precisely and as honestly as you can. We want to find out as much about the background to your illness as we can. How you are feeling in yourself is therefore very important.

Thorough explanation of all procedures

Our doctors are obliged to ensure that you properly understand the reason for and significance of any investigations, diagnostic procedures or operations and the effects of any prescribed medications. Only in an emergency are we permitted to undertake procedures without your consent. Medical terminology will sometimes be used as part of the hospital routine. If there is anything you do not understand, please don’t be shy about asking.

Opportunities for questions

During ward rounds, please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about your condition or treatment. The ward round is a good opportunity for patients to ask questions about medical activities and to clarify any points about which you may be unclear. It offers you the chance to find out more about what is happening with your treatment, any upcoming investigations or operations, the chances of recovery from your illness or your discharge date. A nurse is usually available during the ward round for more detailed information.

Duty of confidentiality

All our staff are subject to a duty of confidentiality. This ensures that your privacy is protected whilst you are in hospital. You can, however, give your consent for the medical team to give relatives or other people information about your health.

Medical records are kept for all patients. They contain information such as notes taken by the medical and nursing teams on the progress of your condition and treatment. These records and any information on your family or professional circumstances are, of course, also treated as confidential.

Patient concierge

Doris Noetzel

Do you have any questions or do you require further information? Contact our patient concierge.

Doris Noetzel
Telephone: +49 (0) 2562 915 2113